What is Magic?

"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you've done. But they will never forget how you made them feel."

What is Magic?

"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you've done. But they will never forget how you made them feel."

Engage Donovan Magic

About Me

"I started learning magic at the age of 14, just a young boy trying to be different and intrigued by close-up magic that happened in my very own hands in front of my very eyes.


As I grew older and my understanding of Magic became better, I realized that magic is not about fooling others. It is about entertaining others, bringing them a sense of wonder, joy, amazement, and at times, uncontrollable laughter. There is so much more to close-up magic, how it is able to connect people, to let them feel the magic happen in their own hands. Every performance is intimate, up close, and personal.


When a hobby becomes a passion, it becomes a part of you. Magic has taught me many things in life, and that impossible is the limit. I have never through that my magic would bring about so much laughter, wonder and joy into people’s life.

Never think of Magic as “tricks”, but reminders in life that there is much more to it."

Close up or interactive roving magic is an art where no other art forms can replicate. It is an intimate and personal performance, where magic happens right under your noses or even in your very own hands. Everyone of all ages be in children or adults can enjoy this unique form of art.


Close-up / interactive roving magic is perfect for:

- Pre-show entertainment (weddings, DnDs, etc)

- Cocktail parties

- Restaurants

- Bars

- Carnivals/Festivals

- Entertainment Venues

And many more

Close-up Magic

Stage Magic and Laser EFX

Interactive, baffling, and intriguing, Donovan's Magic Show is designed for the thinking audience and more importantly, fun to watch.


No rabbits, glitter, big boxes or illusions. The show is unique, suspenseful and highly interactive. Imagine the rare sight of seeing your colleague being on stage as a subject of a dangerous effect!


Combining with Donovan's Laser EFX Show, an electrifying and PERFECT opening act for most Indoor Events. What other ways to open the night with a huge bang?


The Laser EFX Show is a short and impactful act, and it can even involve your VIP guest; he/she can hold the Laser Beam, twirl and manipulate it around, in under 5 minutes of 1-to-1 practice session.


It's a great way to introduce any VIP, or to simply start off the night with your guests having engulfed in this special effects act.


If you've always wanted to know where and how you can learn magic, you've come to the right place.


"It's better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it."


Ever wondered how magic can be learnt? Oh wait, can magic be learnt?


In Donovan's Magic Workshops, you will learn simple, yet strong and powerful magic tricks using everyday objects, the psychology behind it, and more importantly, have fun! :)


This is great for lunch-time workshops, family days, enrichment programs, and even schools. It will help you boost confidence, and possibly get out of awkward situations with something up your sleeves.


Afterall, it's better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.

And together with Donovan, you can too, bring out the loveliness in lies.

VIP Appearance

Looking for ways to appear your wedding couples, VIPs, celebrities, or special guests etc?


Some VIP Appearances require your special guest to get into an uncomfortable position, such as a fetus position crouching down, or even squat and lying down etc. This will not be suitable for someone of high status, and staying in an uncomfortable position even for 5 minutes can seem like an hour. Trust me, I've been there before!


Donovan's VIP Appearance Illusion can be done completely surrounded, with no practice and minimum restrictions; you can be appeared magically!

In the video, this simple and yet puzzling illusion was done without a backdrop, 360 degrees full circle (yes, there was guests and tables at the sides and at the back), with very minimum logistics. And all your VIP have to do, is stand there, wait for the epic moment, and receive your thunderous applause!




Hear what they say

"Thank you for an amazing and engaging performance! You were still able to hype up the atmosphere for everyone. The youths really enjoyed themselves and were thrilled by the magic they saw. Thank you once again!"

- Sherry, volunteer from Make-A-Wish Foundation


"Donovan was recommended by my friend and I'm very satisfied with their services. The Magician and Emcee were excellent in their crafts, and all the guest enjoyed the Event. I will book you guys again next year for my company's event!"

- Angela Tay, Wedding Celebration


"I worked with Donovan to conduct a Magic Workshop, 'Mood for Magic' - for my clients. He was very creative with ideas and the event was well-received. Donovan is a very passionate magician who is entertaining even when he teaches!"

- Cindy Leong from Relationship Studio Pte Ltd, for a Magic Workshop


"Great support from Donovan as always! He is professional and reliable, delivers his upmost service for every event without any worries. His showcases are always entertaining and interactive for both kids and adults! Something not to be missed!"

- Andy Eng, Director of E Gen Innovative Nouvelles Creations, supporting events since 2013


"Donovan's Laser act was electrifying and I had Goosebumps at certain points. Indeed a world class act; I've never seen anything like it. It's like straight out from the Star Wars film!"

- Marcos, Head HR, Company Awards' Night



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